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About Us

There is always a demand for NEW innovative US Friendly Online Casinos. That’s why we launched TOFT Casino group.  If you are looking for a Casino group that treats affiliates like REAL partners, then it’s time to partner up with Vegas Affiliate Partners.

The US online casino market is more ripe and ready for solid growth over the next decade than ever before. The problem is that most US friendly casinos have not kept up with the technological advances in games or design. TOFT Casino group, powered by Lithium Software group will take online casino operations to the next level.

Our A…B…C… Philosophy

Always Be Converting

So, this is your time to partner up with a group that is run by a team of industry veterans with a true aim to provide awesome products and service to take online gaming experiences to the next level. Our goal for partnerships is to give YOU the very best conversion rates possible, combined with top tier lifetime commissions and super fast payouts!

Partner SignUp

Our Casino Features

  • US Friendly Casinos
  • Powered by : Lithium

  • Instant Play

  • 480+ Casino Games

  • Mobile Casino

  • Live Dealer (Coming Soon)

  • Licensed in Costa Rica

Our Brands


LuckyBetz Online Casino

LuckyBetz Casino

Our LuckyBetz Online Casino Brand offers players a modern and fresh themed casino that is appealing to both men and women for a fun, enjoyable gaming experience with a little lady luck on the side!
Launched: 2017

Welcome Offer

$25 + 25 FREE SPINS Signup Bonus

$6,000 Welcome Package
200% First Deposit Bonus on first THREE Deposits

CASHBACK and Loyalty Program

Crushit Casino

Crushit Casino will launch in mid March. The Crushit Casino Brand is a theme that plays on a comic character, Captain Crushit who’s goal is to help players Crush the casino’s game odds!
Launched: 2017

Welcome Offer

50 FREE SPINS Signup Bonus

$6,000 Welcome Package
200% First Deposit Bonus on first Deposits

CASHBACK and Loyalty Program

Mega Vegas Casino

Our 3rd online casino is scheduled to launch in mid April. The Mega Vegas brand is a flashy Vegas online casino that will pull out all the bells and whistles to create an exciting world of real money Vegas style casino games.


Commission Plans

Sign up at Vegas Affiliate Partners today and take advantage of flat 50% revenue share for the first 3 months! After 3 months, you can earn revenue share up to 40% based on your tier model!



earn 50%

50% Revenue Share
No hidden terms
Applies to all traffic




earn 25-40%

25% $0 – $10,000
30% $10,001 – $20,000
35% $20,001 – $30,000
40% $30,001+


If you are looking for a custom deal which could include CPA or hybrids then please speak to your dedicated affiliate manager.

Affiliate Program Features

Why Vegas Affiliate Partners Kicks Ass

Vegas Affiliate Partners F.A.Q.

Affiliate Program Questions and Answers or VAP for short, is an online casino affiliate program. Webmasters can sign up to the program for free and access promotional tools to help you make easy money from the traffic to your sites using online marketing techniques.

No, becoming a VAP is completely free and we will never charge you anything to access our marketing creatives.

You will be given a contact for one of our dedicated affiliate managers who are experienced in the field of affiliate marketing when you sign up. Make sure you provide your correct email address so you can receive these details to your email.

No, No and more No! We do not sell or share anyone’s personal/private information. We respect you and your details.

Yes, the payment threshold for affiliate payments is $300.

Yes, the brands on offer from VAP do accept players from the USA.

Commissions are completed by the 10th working day of the following month.

Vegas Affiliate Partners provides you with detailed reporting and the ability to track current and previous payments.

Grabbing banners is easy, locate the banner or link you want and simply copy the link given in the affiliate program and paste it on your site in your desired location.

We do operate with a negative carryover policy. However, if you have a big win player, we will ring fence that player from your account for the following month to keep your revenues out of the red.

Yes, you can refer other affiliates using your sub affiliate referral link. You will be compensated as shown on the commissions page. However you cannot refer yourself and make money from your own activity, this could lead to your account being suspended and commissions withheld

This is an option for affiliates who live in non-restricted countries. It’s instant, it’s free and you can use your commissions to play in the casino if you so wish.

Players are required to make a minimum $25 deposit (or more) when playing for real money at our casinos.

By joining the program and confirming your account by email, you automatically become a VAP.

Vegas Affiliate Partners T&C’s

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions. We all know that not everyone reads these, which is why we’ve not put any hidden treats in there for you to discover. We wish to operate an honest and transparent affiliate program that you’ll be happy with and be safe in the knowledge that you’re in good hands with us.

1.1 These terms and conditions form a legally binding agreement between the approved Affiliate and the casino affiliate program.
1.2 Please ensure that you read and understand the following terms which relate to your legal rights and your obligations in working with By signing up to you agree to abide by these terms when promoting our products and services.
1.3 Signing up to is 100% free and no charge will be made for membership.

2.1 The program(s) or VAP =
2.2 The Affiliate = The affiliate applicant/individual/company
2.3 Site(s) or Brand(s) = All sites listed here
2.4 Tracking Links = The unique links provided by the program to track and report on your traffic sent to the programs related brands.
2.5 Traffic = Visitors sent from your marketing activities via our links.
2.6 Affiliated Player or Players = Signed up players to the casinos, either active or inactive sent via affiliate links with the affiliate tag.
2.7 Tagged player(s) = A player or players that have been referred to the brands via affiliate links and have successfully tracked.
2.8 Banners = Covers all marketing creative generally offered in Gif or Jpeg format.
2.9 FTD or RMP = First Time Depositor or Real Money Player both mean the same and relate to new players to the group.
2.10 Gross Win = The profit made at the casino before any deductions are made. Can be a positive or negative figure depending on the overall player wins or losses.
2.11 Net Win = The final profit figure of which affiliate commissions are calculated. Can be a positive or negative figure.
2.12 Commissions = The affiliates income generated from marketing the programs related sites.
2.13 Spam = Unsolicited contact to a player’s personal contact information. Spam can often include incorrect or misleading information in an attempt to generate traffic.
2.14 Fraudulent Traffic = There are many variations of this including but not limited to… Traffic sent via illegal means such as hacking or paid/incentive traffic created to defraud the program of commissions. False advertising or misleading information which could cause harm to the brands or the program.

4.1 Using the links provided by the program we are then able to report to you the activity of your referred players using the reporting tools in your affiliate dashboard. This data is then used to calculate your overall commissions due each month. You can, at any time access these reports to view the progression of your affiliate marketing campaign with the program at no cost. Reporting shows both basic numbers and monetary values to enable affiliates to assess the performance of their campaigns.

5.1 All affiliate commissions equal to or over the payment threshold of $300 will be paid by the 10th (fifteenth) working day of the month.
5.2 We operate a no-negative carryover policy.
5.3 Affiliate commissions will be calculated based on this calculation. (Gross Win – Bonuses – Deductions = Net Win x Commission Rate = Earnings)

6.1 The affiliate contract starts as soon as the completed signup form is submitted at The contract between program and affiliate is ongoing but can be terminated by either party at any time with written notice.
6.2 The program has the right to terminate the contract at any time with immediate effect and dead-end links at any time should we feel any terms and conditions have been broken.
6.3 Pending investigations, the program may withhold commissions either temporarily or permanently if the program sees fit based on the accepted terms and conditions of the program. Depending on the seriousness of the issue lifetime commissions from the referred players may also be forfeited.
6.4 Failure to comply with the reasonable requests of the program or if the affiliate activities are viewed as potentially damaging to the brand or the program, the program has the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect.
6.5 Upon termination of the contract, the affiliate agrees to remove all marketing material, links and intellectual property rights relating to the brands being promoted.
6.6 Any traffic sent from active links following the termination date will not count towards contract continuation or final payment.
6.7 Marketing fees can be withheld for up to 180 days to ensure all requests have been completed or investigations have ended. If investigations are still ongoing after the 180 days, any outstanding marketing fees will be paid on completion of any investigations.
6.8 Any threats or criminality towards the program or program staff may result in the termination of the contract and current/future commissions being forfeited.
6.9 Affiliates are not permitted to refer themselves to the affiliate program in an attempt to earn extra money from sub affiliate earnings. This would be classed as abusing the commission structure and could end in your account being suspended and/or having commissions withheld indefinitely.

7.1 In efforts to prevent or reduce fraudulent activity or abuse of the brands, the program or associated staff may block or restrict players or players abilities to deposit at our sole discretion without prior notice.
7.2 The affiliate will do their utmost to prevent fraudulent traffic being delivered from their links. Any concerns should be discussed with your affiliate manager.
7.3 The staff behind the scenes will make every effort to retain players the affiliate sends.